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Open Air Ethnographic Museum

Open Air Ethnographic Museum
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This is our favorite museum. The museum is located 15 km from Ulan-Ude and contains several major units: Archaeological, Hunnish, Soyot, Evenk, Buryat, Cossack, Old Believer and Urban. Our excursion will take about 3 hours; we will walk 3 kilometers but you will not feel the distance because we will make several stops on the way.

The exhibition of the museum tells the story of all nations and cultures that have lived in Buryatia for the last 400 years. Here you will see authentic wooden houses, utensils, national clothing, horse barn supplies, wood carving works and other interesting things. The museum presents a complete description of different nationalities and their material culture.

Our guide speaking a foreign language (English, French or German) will explain specific features of national building traditions, tell Russian and Buryat legends, and maybe even sing a local song for you…

Duration: 4 hours Availability: all year round, except Mondays

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  • transfer, English/French/German speaking guide, entrance fee
  • meals

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