Tour to an Old Believer’s village

You will enjoy the privilege of having lunch at the Russian Old Believers: ethnic and religious group of protestants (“Raskolniki”) exiled to Siberia in the 18th century after a religious reform introduced by Patriarch Nikon. You will get acquainted with the original culture, religion, folklore and art that existed in Russia before Peter the Great. You will see a piece of authentic Russia preserved in the Siberian taiga. Picturesque landscapes of vast fields and forests will please your eye on the way. Here you will feel the spirit of freedom!

A local Old Believer family will show you around their house and yard. They will tell you about the history of the Old Believers in Buryatia, describe their everyday life, and explain how to survive severe Siberian winter. The hospitable hostess will invite you to have lunch in her house. You will be served organic homemade foods – milk and sour cream from the house; vegetables and greenery from the garden; berries and mushrooms from the taiga; homemade vodka (“samogon”).

Feel the atmosphere of the past with delicious traditional cuisine, games, and beautiful folk songs!


NOTE! Original spiritual culture of the Old Believers (“Semeiskiye”) in Tarbagatay district of the Republic of Buryatia was proclaimed a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in May, 2001.


Special comment on the Old Believer Museum in Tarbagatai
We can tell from our personal experience that no museum in Ulan-Ude can compete with this private museum of Father Sergey in the number and value of objects, all of which have been collected on the territory of Tarbagatai district. Some of the objects in the museum are so rare that even old-timers know nothing about their use. The museum has original household objects and kitchen utensils made by the first Old Believers in Transbaikalia. Those objects were made from makeshift materials: wood, leather, hemp, vegetable rope. Visitors will be interested to see how the lifestyle of Old Believers was influenced by the culture of local Buryat people. Among other things the museum displays an “Old Believer version” of traditional Buryat household objects. We believe that this museum is a must-see in Buryatia!

Price per person (in Rubel) in a group of

5 hours 7 hours
1 Person – 9800

2 Persons- 5700

3 Persons – 4500

4 Persons – 3800

5 Persons – 3600

6 Persons – 3300

8 Persons – 3200

10 Persons – 2900

15 Persons – 2600

20 Persons – 2400

1 Person – 12000

2 Persons- 6900

3 Persons – 5300

4 Persons – 4600

5 Persons – 4400

6 Persons – 3900

8 Persons – 3700

10 Persons – 3300

15 Persons – 2900

20 Persons – 2600

Price includes: transfer, English/French/German speaking guide, meal with drinks, admission to the museum and church

Duration: 5 or 7 hours (the 7-hour tour includes visits to Old Believer church and museum)
Transport: private vehicle
Availability: all year round