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To obtain a Russian tourist visa, you must have proper visa support from an authorized travel company.

We provide you visa support. Visa support (a.k.a. invitation, letter, tourist confirmation, or voucher) is a document that allows you to obtain a visa.   It’ll be a tourist invitation of 30 days of stay including the day of your arrival to Russia and your departure from Russia. You should include in the duration of your stay 2 additional days before your departure just in case.

The tourist invitation letter cost – 700 rubles per person (one or double entry visa).

For travelers who book our tours, transfers or excursions, we make an invitation for free.

Ho to get Russian visa. Click here http://russianconsulate.com/tourist_visa.htm
About visa’s registration:

Migration registration of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation 

Example: 1) you plan to come to Russia in June 2) you maximum stay may be from June1 till June 30

3) if you arrive in Russia on the 1st of June you need to leave Russia on the 28 of June 4) in this case you have 2 additional days just in case (you train is late, your plane is late etc.)

The information we’ll need to

make an invitation for you: 1) scanned copies of you international passport (send it to zabaikalom@mail.ru) 2) kind of visa (one or double entry visa) 3) dates of your stay in Russia 4) itinerary of you trip in Russia (up to 5 cities) 5) where you will apply for visa (country and city) 6) fax number where we should send you 3 documents: invitation, confirmation and voucher (visa support documents)

NB If your stay in Russia is more than 15 days you must have day by day itinerary in your voucher.


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Enter major cities in Russia you intend to visit. If your trip is longer than 15 days, provide a daily itinerary and accommodation.